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Full Line of Rheem HVAC Replacement Parts

Currently, we have access to 18,000+ items for Rheem air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers, furnaces, evaporator coils and more are being added every day. If you can't find what you need for your equipment, we can probably get it - pick up the phone and call us!

Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality

As you're reading this article, pause for a moment and think about the air quality in your home. Do you need a new furnace filter? Does the air feel dry in your home? Are you and your family suffering from allergies? Aprilaire can help with every aspect of these problems and stocks pretty much everything they offer.

Swamp Cooler Cover Selection Guide

Brian's Canvas Products
Brian's Canvas Products
This is probably the coolest thing we've ever built. With all of the evaporative swamp coolers out there, finding a canvas cover that fits yours perfectly can be kind of frustrating. You may be able to walk into the big name, local retail stores and find one, if you have a common size, but what if you don't have a common size? No need to fear! Our nerdy team here at has built this handy-dandy tool to help you find the exact size cover for your swamper.

Simply start with Step 1 (obviously), and the tool will walk you through the rest. You can give the tool the exact dimensions of your swamp cooler, or you can find a cover by brand if you know the make and model of your evaporative cooler. We get our heavy-duty covers from Brian's Canvas Products here in Utah and we're proud to stand behind their name. They've been making covers for over 30 years and know their stuff!

Once you've found the right size, the tool will let you see the cover on our site and even add it to your cart if you're ready to buy. If you don't find the right size, guess what? ... Brian's can make any size you can throw at them! So, give it a shot, and if you need help, call our nerds and we'll help you out! (866) 519-2461 Mon-Fri from 7am-5pm MDT.

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Honeywell THM6000R1002 Price Drop!

Starting April 7th, 2013, we're excited to announce a crazy price drop on the Honeywell RedLINK™ internet gateway! Honeywell has recently been unveiling new products that have us all sorts of giddy here at! These items allow for the homeowner to access their heating and air conditioning system from virtually anywhere that they get internet access. We're hoping by offering this gateway at an unbeatable low price that we can help fuel the sales of these new products and encourage customers to really re-think how they control the temperature in their home. If you're geeks like we are, then we think you'll see the benefit in a system like this. Use the THM6000R1002 to connect any Honeywell RedLINK™ Comfort System to the internet to provide you with remote access from your PC, smart phone or tablet using this RedLINK™ Internet Gateway (RIG). You can count on Total Connect's (a Honeywell feature) system performance alerts for a level of awareness and peace of mind that is unmatched — helping you to stay connected to your home or business whether you're across the street or half way around the world. We're not sure just how long this low price will last, nor how long we can keep them on the shelves at a price this low, so get your order in now!

Take me to the THM6000R1002 so I can buy one now... go, go, go!

Evergreen ECM Motor Tip

Evergreen ECM motors are a high-efficiency replacement for standard PSC motors. On average they will save about 25% under normal operation and up to 74% on systems that continuously run between heating and cooling cycles. Running your Evergreen motor between heating and cooling cycles allows you to filter and circulate the air continuously; and since it is so efficient, it runs continuously for pennies a day.

Calibrating Refrigerant Gauges

As we’re approaching the beginning of Spring, refrigerant gauges will start seeing a lot of use again. As a result, it is crucial that the HVAC contractor perform weekly calibrations to ensure correct measurements are being taken. Simply adjusting the gauge to zero will not calibrate the gauge. Digital gauges need to be checked for accuracy as well.

Flame Sensor Service Tip

One of the most important things to remember is that when you're working on a furnace, you can’t service the equipment effectively & efficiently without having a way to read flame sense. The time is far past when all you needed to service a furnace was an AC/DC volt meter. A meter that reads DC microamps will let you know what the flame sense is. You should have a reading of between 2 and 4 microamps, but it can be as high as 7. Corrective action should be taken with a reading below 2 microamps.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat

Okay all you geeks, if you're anything like us computer nerds here at ComfortGurus, you're gonna love this new thermostat from Honeywell. We get all giddy when stuff like this comes out, mostly because we like the idea of being able to control things in our home from anywhere in the world where we get internet access. Now, just apply that technology to your home's heating and air conditioning system and we're pretty sure most of you are going to be sold on the new Honeywell TH8320WF1029. Let's look a bit deeper into this product...

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